Upcoming dates


27-28-29 August
Studio Sequenza in Montreuil: recording of a disc of contemporary Iranian music with singer Anousha Nazari and clarinettist Amin Ebrahimi

20th October
Trio concert with Franck Russo and Odile Heimburger as part of the “Les Musicales du Parc de Wesserling” Festival

22nd October
Saint-Cyr-sur-Menthon at the “Domaine des saveurs
Iranian music recital with Anousha Nazari

17th November
At L’Aubette 1928 in Strasbourg :
Vers la flamme” recital with Odile Heimburger



14 January 2023
Paris, Salle Cortot: release concert for the album “À la Nuit” with Franck Russo and Lia Naviliat Cuncic.

27 March 2023
Rennes: Université Rennes 2, “Je serai le feu”, a drawing concert with Diglee, Héloïse Luzzati, Sophie Daull, Fiona Mc Gown.

13 April 2023
Paris, Institut du Monde Arabe :
Recital with Iranian singer Anousha Nazari at the Institut du Monde Arabe as part of the “Femme-Vie-Liberté” event placed under the high patronage of François Hollande.

24 April
Tribute to Komitas, “Krunk” video release with Iranian singer Anousha Nazari.

11 May 2023
Inspiration populaire” recital with cellist Estelle Revaz.

13 May
Creil, Médiatheque Antoine Chanut :
Conference-debate with author Léonore Queffélec.

11 June, Val d’Oise
Val d’Oise, Abbaye de Maubuisson: “Je serai le Feu”, drawing show with Maureen, Sophie Daull, Marielou Jacquard and Héloïse Luzzati at Abbaye de Maubuisson (Festival “Un temps pour Elles”)

15th June
Château de Beauvais
Private concert.

8th July
Recording filmed by Raphaël Wertheimer: 2 Iranian melodies with the singer Anousha Nazari.


13th January 2022
Saint-Tropez: Schumann recital (recording of “L’Hermaphrodite”) at the Théâtre-cinéma La Renaissance

March 2022
Culture Prime on Alicia Gallienne with Lise Borel, Philippe Jaroussky and Guillaume Gallienne. (Directed by Frantz Vaillant)

8th March 2022
Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées: Concert “Une histoire de la musique au féminin” with various artists (Festival Un temps pour Elles).
First performance of “Cinq prières de feu, mélodies sur des poèmes d’Alicia Gallienne” by Lise Borel, with Philippe Jaroussky.

April 2022
Broadcast of 3 new films by director Raphaël Wertheimer:
-Étude 2 opus 8 by Scriabin, Le vent dans la plaine by Debussy, Prelude in B minor by Bach/Siloti, Sonata in B minor by Scarlatti (360°)

23rd April 2022
Montreuil, Closing night of the “Hors-limites” literary festival: “Je serai le feu” (I’ll be fire), a drawn musical reading with Diglee, Sophie Daull, Héloïse Luzzati and Marielou Jacquard.

26 May 2022
Paris: charity concert at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre with artists from the Kiev orchestra, organised by Anna Stavychenko.

12 June 2022
Switzerland, Coppet: “Les Rencontres de Coppet”: “Chopin et Pauline Viardot, une amie à la voix d’or” with sopranos Odile Heimburger and Alexandra Lewandowska.

18 June 2022
Church of Luzarches for the “Un temps pour Elles” Festival: 1001 Nuits programme with pianist Dana Ciocarlie.

24 June 2022
Château de Beauvais: Schumann private recital (disc “L’Hermaphrodite”).

31st July 2022
Le Tholonet, “Les Musicales de la Route Cézanne”: Schumann recital (L’Hermaphrodite) in the morning, at the Bain des Jésuites.

September 2022
Formation of the Trio Corneille with violinist Magdalena Geka and cellist Thibaut Reznicek.

October 2022
-Publication of the book “Métaclassique volume 2” by David Christoffel, including a transcript of the radio programme “Battre” on Schumann and Barthes.

23 October 2022
Toulon, Théâtre Liberté: CD release concert “À la Nuit” with clarinettist Franck Russo and soprano Lia Naviliat Cuncic.

25 November 2022
Official release of the CD “À la Nuit” on the Calliope label, with Franck Russo and Lia Naviliat Cuncic.

27 November 2022
Belgium, Brussels, Musée des Instruments de Musique: “Inspiration populaire” recital with cellist Estelle Revaz.

29 November 2022
Paris, Swiss Embassy: “Inspiration populaire” recital with cellist Estelle Revaz.

2 December 2022
Germany, Berlin: Piano Salon Christophori: recital “Inspiration populaire” with the cellist Estelle Revaz.

December 2022
Two recordings by women composers made at the Abbaye de Royaumont, including a world premiere, to be released on “La Boîte à Pépites” (Festival “Un temps pour Elles”).


December 2021

2 videos by female composers for the “La Boîte à Pépites” channel: Clémence de Grandval and Gayane Chebotarian

Broadcast of 3 films by director Raphaël Wertheimer: Le Rappel des Oiseaux by Rameau, Prelude 22 Opus 28 by Chopin, Prelude 2 Opus 87 by Shostakovich.

3rd October 2021
American Church in Paris: Schumann recital at 5.30pm.

16 September 2021
Concert at the Cité des Arts Auditorium with soprano Odile Heimburger and guitarist Morgan Szymanski.
“Songs from elsewhere

4 July 2021
“The Slavic soul”: a duet with soprano Odile Heimburger as part of the “Un Temps pour Elles” Festival.

10 June 2021
Video recording at the Café de la Danse for Yann Ollivier, produced by Neutra Prod: four-handed with Frédéric Vaysse-Knitter and in a vocal-piano duet with the soprano Odile Heimburger.

24th May 2021
Recital at the Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre church as part of the “Piano Passion” Festival

15th May 2021
Génération France Musique Le Live presented by Clément Rochefort.

20 May 2021
NomadPlay recording with clarinettist Carlos Ferreira (Studio Libretto)

25th March 2021
NomadPlay recording with clarinettist Romy Bischoff (Studio Libretto)

18th March 2021
NomadPlay recording with violinist Charlotte Maclet (Studio Libretto)


20 December 2020
Online concert for the Christmas Calendar of “La Boîte à Pépites” in duet with the Mezzo soprano Marielou Jacquard (on the Youtube channel of “La Boîte à Pépites”)

September 2020
Recording of a Schumann-Schubert CD with clarinettist Franck Russo and soprano Lia Naviliat Cuncic

18th September 2020
Recital and signing of “L’Hermaphrodite” at L’Instrumentarium, Tours. (postponed to a later date for COVID)

28th August 2020
Un temps pour elles” festival.
Concert “Clémence de Grandval, la grande oubliée” at Château Rosa Bonheur in Thomery.

20 July 2020
Schumann at the Russian Orthodox Spiritual and Cultural Centre in Paris

19th June 2020
Schumann-Brahms concert with pianist Philippe Lefèvre at the Château de Beauvais (Indre-et-Loire) (postponed to autumn due to Covid measures)

15th May 2020
Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto at the Vanves Conservatoire auditorium (cancelled due to Covid measures)

21st April 2020
Russian recital as part of an exhibition at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Paris (cancelled due to Covid measures)

8th March 2020
Schumann recital at the Musée des Tissus in Lyon (postponed due to Covid measures)

2nd March 2020
CD release concert “L’Hermaphrodite” at the Salle Colonne

7 February 2020
Recording of pedagogical pieces for Billaudot with violinist Guy Comentale


18th December 2019
Bach Concerto in D minor at the Vanves Conservatoire auditorium

31st August 2019
Schumann recital with Vincent Vivès (texts by Barthes, Deleuze etc.) Château Le Bosmelet (Auffay, Normandy)

31 May 2019
Recording for NomadMusic’s NomadPlay with clarinettist Florent Pujuila

17th May 2019
Concerto No. 2 by Saint-Saëns at the Vanves Conservatoire Auditorium

25 March 2019
Recording for NomadMusic’s NomadPlay with bassoonist Henri Roman

26-28 February 2019
Recording of Schumann at Studios RiffX de la Seine Musicale

19 February 2019
Schumann recital at the Vanves Conservatoire Auditorium


October 2018
Four-handed anagrams by Beffa and Perry-Salkow interprets ‘Raining feathers’

24 September 2018
Release of the documentary “Joue” by Patrice Masini, on the Académie Jaroussky (teacher followed and Mozart recording of part of the soundtrack)

21st July 2018
“Les Univers Cocteau” (Music by Satie, Poulenc, Honegger, Milhaud), with Vincent Vivès (texts by Cocteau) at Château Le Bosmelet, Auffay, Normandy.

June 2018
Recording of a play by Jacques-Perry-Salkow for Actes Sud

17th March 2018
Concert in aid of Unicef, Prokofiev’s Concerto No.1, Jean Françaix Auditorium, Vanves Conservatoire

31 January 2018
Scubert’s Winterreise, with the baritone Jacques-François L’Oiseleur des Longchamps at the Temple du Luxembourg, Paris


10th December 2017
Alsatian composers at the Musée Jean-Jacques Henner, with the Compagnie de l’Oiseleur, Paris

15th November 2017
In the radio programme “On ne parle pas la bouche pleine”, broadcast of an extract from Bach’s Goldberg Variations

15th September 2017
Show Zyklus (Berg/Schumann) with the Compagnie Yumé Arts, at the Grenier de la Mothe, Normandy

26th August 2017
“Oiseaux en chantant”, with the Compagnie de L’Oiseleur, at Château Le Bosmelet, Auffay, Normandy

18th March 2017
Milhaud’s Carnaval d’Aix, at the Jean Françaix Auditorium, Conservatoire de Vanves, France